Comments from Attendees



“Thanks once more to you and to all your staff for another excellent event. I look forward to next year.John Wells, President, Pacific Blends (April 27, 2014)


“Your Surimi School was amazing – great job!  I really enjoyed all aspects of the course, one that stimulated many ideas and questions applicable to my work. Thanks again for a great educational and networking experience.” Ron Jenkins, Commercial Development Manager, Innophos, Inc. (April 25, 2014)


“Thank you very much for the Surimi meeting in Astoria. I've learn a lot from you and the other experts. Your knowledge will help Two Rivers Fisheries with Asian carp processing. I think I need your help in the future too. Again thank you very much for your hard work.”  Angie Yu, President, Two Rivers Fisheries (April 28, 2014)


“I would like to thank you for coordination another great Surimi Forum event! It was nice to chat with old friends and meet new ones. The speakers and topics were great.

Thanks again for your hospitality and for the surimi noodles! They were delicious!” Daniela Boyd,  Director of Industrial Sales, Basic American Foods




The surimi forum is the only seafood industry activity Ive attended (in person or via teleconference) which actually creates an environment for participants to consider the greater good for all involved. 

Murry Park, General Manager, Trans Ocean Products, Bellingham, Wa 





Your Surimi school was excellent.  I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to attend your school, and to share information about our industry.  It’s not often in a 3 day class that you actually get the opportunity to perform the lab work that goes along with the Surimi making process.  Your staff was excellent, they were a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  You have taught them well.  It was a pleasure to work with everyone.

Todd Shoup

Director of Operation, UniSea Inc

Dutch Harbor, AK


I thought it was a great forum this year - even though it was not very good news for the surimi industry.  I am hoping we turn things around in the US this year.  Thanks for your diligent efforts for our industry.
Kevin Galley

Plant manager, Icicle Seafoods

Bellingham, WA


Thank you for the opportunity to play golf, speak and attend the Forum.  I felt it was a very successful event.  I think you have done great work and service for our industry and the trade that will become an ongoing legacy as a result of your efforts.  You can count on my support as you continue to reach out to the Surimi cultures of the world. 

Allen Kimball

VP-White Fish, Trident Seafoods

Seattle, WA


Thank you once again for putting together yet another very well orchestrated and well attended surimi forum in Astoria this week.

Rasmus Soerensen

VP- Sales and Marketing, American Seafoods

Seattle, WA





I view the OSU Surimi School as a key way that Pacific Blends can “give back” to the surimi industry in a positive and constructive way. Since our entry as a supplier to the US surimi industry in 2004, we have grown to become a key supplier to many of the companies involved in the industry and the support of these companies has contributed to the healthy growth of Pacific Blends. We pride ourselves on providing a quality, price competitive product that is supported by superior service. Hopefully this combination of benefits is what has attracted our customers to us.


I am very pleased that we have been able to support the OSU Surimi School for 5 continuous years and I hope that our sponsorship can continue and grow. I am honoured to participate with the rest of the sponsorship group and to assist in their combined effort to foster industry research, technical knowledge and growth. Hopefully all the sponsors will continue this effort and Pacific Blends will be able to do its small part as well.


I wish you and your staff well for the coming year and look forward to seeing you and all of the industry members at this time next year.


Kindest regards,


John Wells, President

Pacific Blends Ltd.

#100-1625 Kebet Way

Port Coquitlam, B.C. V3C 5W9





2008 –

While the Forum was excellent, the spirit inside it, which YOU GENERATE, is absolutely GREAT. Your excellent sense of humor, and your very honest and professional approach, have made my short stay very very pleased and useful.

I do hope that you and your colleagues can continue making such a good job.

Eduardo Gonzalez Lemmi, President



I just want to thank you for a great time in Oregon and a good session Monday. It has been a couple of years since I joined the surimi school last but I really enjoyed it and I especially like it for its high level of professionalism. Excellent done!! – I am looking forward to joining again next year.

Rasmus Soerensen, Exe VP

American Seafoods Company LLC


Thanks to Mr Park and all staff for all support in my staying in Oregon, it was better than I could expect, and I´m sure all the experience will be very helpful in our projects and future business,

Heverton Minoru



I found the Forum and School extremely helpful, providing me with a detailed insight into 'surimi' and look forward to be attending future Forums.
Mary Beaver
Foodvest, UK



2005 –

Food and hotel were very good.

Microwave cooking lab session is too much sales talk.

Smaller lab group is needed.

The microwave session seemed to focus more on selling than accurate comparisons with water bath samples

Since 1997 when last attended the school, many useful topics have been included, such as Pollock surimi production and many other species used.  I can bring many things back to my vessel and to my company from attending this session.  Thanks Jae and all involved.  See you at the Forum next year.


Hello Jae,

I wanted to thank you for your excellent Surimi School. It was very thorough, very professional and very interesting. I enjoyed meeting you and the excellent staff at OSU Seafood Lab.

Best Regards,

--Charlie Sneed


Hi thanks for a fine course, Best regards, Helgi Nolsoe


Richard Draves - Jae-I think the forum this year was the best ever-.


Hi Jae: Hats of to you!  Another good forum, and we appreciate your continued effort to bring the industry together, and to make efforts to improve the quality, technology and communication.  Your efforts of you and your team is much appreciated.
Best regards, Chris McReynolds


I wanted to let you know that I was quite impressed with last month's Surimi School.  I learned a great deal about the industry and about surimi itself.  Over the past few days, I had an opportunity to summarize the class to others here at Masterfoods USA and there was a great deal of interest.  Several product developers were curious about obtaining some surimi to investigate new products and applications.

Karl Ritter
Senior Scientist
Masterfoods USA
Hackettstown, NJ



Dear Professor Jae,  Thank you for a very good surimi school, - you are truly the “surimi professor”! :o), Jostein