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-Surimi School USA -

The 27th OSU Surimi School

The 19th Surimi Industry Forum

Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2022

Embassy Suite North Seattle/Lynnwood



We all were suffered tremendously due to COVID-19 for the last two years. As we see a light of ending the pandemic, we are moving slowly to prepare for the next surimi school.

Many of sponsors have expressed their ideas/opinions that the program must be offered í░in-personí▒. We concur that the development of our network through the surimi school is very important.


Stay tuned as we just begin the preparation.

Any comments can be sent to Jae Park.

April 17, 2022


PLATINUM – Maruha Nichiro North America, UniSea, Trident Seafoods,

GOLD Pacific Surimi, Lycored, T. Hasegawa, ASMI, Arctic Storm Management,

SILVER – Pacific Blends, GAPP, King & Prince Seafood, Beck Pack Systems,

More to be added as we continue to make a preparation progress.

(Listed as confirmed: May 19, 2022)


Contact Dr. Park for any question on sponsorship.


Sponsors for the OSU Surimi School Previous Years



Registrations & Enrollment:

EARLY REGISTRATION IS ENCOURAGED (by Nov 1, 2021)With your e-mail to surimiman1@yahoo.com, you will be pre-registered. Please complete the following registration form based on your interest. 


Name:                            Email:                                                       Phone:


Registration fee will be $150 a day per person.  If you subscribe the program for 3 days, the fee will be $400. Please mark X on the (   ).

(  ) Day 1 (Nov 30, 2021) - (Resources/Market/Supply/Trends)

(  ) Day 2 (Dec 1, 2021) - (Production/Quality Control/Safety):

(  ) Day 3 (Dec 2, 2021) - (Surimi Seafood/Ingredients/New Technology/ New Product Development). 


Please mail the above form and a registration check made payable to: Oregon State University. If you prefer a wire transfer, please let us know.

Dr. Jae Park
OSU Seafood Lab
2001 Marine Drive #253
Astoria, OR 97103-3427, USA

Tel: 503-325-4531; Fax: 503-325-2753
E-mail: jae.park@oregonstate.edu AND surimiman1@yahoo.com.

Upon completion of your registration, a zoom link and details will be provided separately.

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Daylight saving time in the United States is over on Nov 7.

Program daily time schedule has been set with consideration of various regions to minimize the inconvenience for attendees and speakers.  (All Asians and Europeans – if this time schedule is too early or too late, respectively, please try Surimi School Asia Webinar.)


Surimi School USA (Virtual): Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2021

All schedules are under Pacific Standard Time (Seattle).



Day 1 (Nov 30, 2021; Seattle Time) – Surimi Industry Forum (Resources/Market/Supply/Trends):


1:15 – 1:20p (5 min)          Welcome to Day 1, Program Introduction, Dr. Jae Park


1:20 – 1:40p (20 min)        1a- Resource Update USA, Dr. Jim Ianelli (NOAA)


1:40 – 1:55p (15 min)        1b- Resource Update Tropical Fish, Mr. Dave Martin (Sustainable Fisheries) & Mr. Duncan Leadbitter (Fish Matters)


1:55 – 2:05p (10 min)        1c- Surimi Production Update (Alaska pollock), Mr. Mark JoHahnson (Westward Seafoods)


2:05 – 2:15p (10 min)        1d- Surimi Production Update (Pacific whiting), Mr. Brendan McKenna (Pacific Surimi)


2:15 – 2:30p (15 min)        1e- Market Update, Surimi Seafood (USA), Mr. Murry Park (Trans Ocean Products)


2:30 – 2:50p (20 min)        1f- Market Updates in Japan, Mr. Takashi Matsumoto (UniSea/NISSUI)


2:50 – 3: 30p (40 min)       1g- Global Surimi Supplies and Demand including trends in the era of COVID-19, Dr. Pascal Guenneugues (Future Seafood)


3:30 – 3:50p (20 min)        Discussion


3:50 – 4:15p (25 min)        Sponsorí»s presentation with their business related to Day 1 topics.

                                                (3 min) UniSea

                                                (5 min) Maruha Nichiro NA

                                                (5 min) ASMI

(5 min) Flottweg

                                                (3 min) Pacific Surimi

                                                (3 min) GAPP

                                                (5 min) Arctic Storm


4:15p                                    Adjourn for Day 1



Day 2 (Dec 1, 2021, Seattle Time) (Production/Quality Control/Safety)


1:15 – 1:20p (5 min)          Welcome to Day 2, Program Introduction, Dr. Jae Park


1:20 – 1:55p (35 min)        2a- Important Factors in Surimi Production for Yield and Quality, Dr. Jae Park (Oregon State University)


1:55 – 2:15p (20 min)        2b- Fast Cooking by Ohmic Heating Guarantees Higher Quality & Profit based on a success story, Dr. Jae Park (Oregon State University)


2:15 – 2:50p (35 min)        2c- Effective Food Safety & Sanitation during the COVID, Dr. Si Hong Park (Oregon State University)


2:50 – 3:25p (35 min)        2d- The Status of Fish Protein Isolate: Is it real or just a dream? Dr. Tyre Lanier (North Carolina State University)


3:25 – 3:45p (20 min)        2e- Microplastic Issues in Fish, Dr. Susanne Brander (Oregon State University)


3:45 – 3:55p (10 min)        Discussion


3:55 – 4:20p (25 min)        Sponsorí»s presentation with their business related to Day 2 topics.

                                                (5 min) Takasago USA

                                                (5 min) Lycored

                                                (5 min) T. Hasegawa

                                                (5 min) Pacific Blends

                                                (5 min) Beck Pack System


4:20p                                     Adjourn for Day 2




Day 3 (Dec 2, 2021, Seattle Time) (Surimi Seafood/ Ingredients/ New Technology/ New Product Development). 


1:15 – 1:20p (5 min)          Welcome to Day 3, Program Introduction, Dr. Jae Park


1:20 – 1:50p (30 min)        3a- Shelf Stable Seafood using Shaka Retort? Dr. Louise Wicker (Louisiana State University)


1:50 – 2:25p (35 min)        3b- Cultured Muscle Proteins, Dr. Tyre Lanier (North Carolina State University)/ Mr. John Pattison (Cultured Decadence)


2:25 – 2:55p (30 min)        3c- Plant-based Seafood and Meat Products, Dr. Jung Han (Pulmuone USA)


2:55 – 3:25p (30 min)        3d- New Development: Crabstick using 3-D Print Technology, Dr. Hyun Jin Park (Korea University)


3:25 – 3:45p (20 min)        3e- New Development: Superior Taste of Crab Extract based on Amino Acid Analysis and Sensory Test, Mr. Shohei Kaneuchi (Nippon Suisan)


3:45 – 4:15p (30 min)        Sponsorí»s presentation with their business related to Day 3 topics.

                                                (5 min) Shining Ocean

                                                (5 min) Trident Seafoods

                                                (5 min) Aquamar

                                                (5 min) MGB Ingredients

                                                (5 min) King & Prince Seafood


4:15 – 4:30p (15 min)        Discussion & Adjourn for Day 3




GROUP PICTURE: including Year 2016

Covered at Daily Astorian (April 18, 2003)

Important Documents and Presentations for Surimi and Surimi Seafood Industry

Comments from the attendees at the previous OSU Surimi School



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