Dr. Jae Park


Oregon State University

Astoria, OR, USA


Dr. Park is a professor of Oregon State University since 1992. He was elected as IFT Fellow in 2007, which is the most prestigious recognition as a food scientist. He published 131 referred journal articles, 41 book chapters, and 3 patents. He offered over 100 invited speeches. Having devoted his entire professional career to fish protein (surimi) research and outstanding outreach in technology transfer, Dr. Jae Park has distinguished himself as an internationally renowned scientist in seafood research, education, and technology transfer. He received numerous awards to recognize his accomplishment regionally, nationally and internationally. His most recent recognition was by IntraFish as 100 most powerful global seafood executives. His three books, Surimi and Surimi Seafood, published in 2000, 2005, and 2014 have been used as a processing guide to the global surimi and surimi seafood industry. Almost all global manufacturers of surimi or surimi seafood use his book as a production and technical guide. As a mentor, he trained 42 graduate and post-graduate students for their MS and Ph.D. degree. He hosted over 40 international researchers who conducted various research projects as a visiting scientist. He founded the OSU Surimi School in 1993 and Surimi Industry Forum in 2001 and offers the programs annually in Oregon. He also founded Surimi School Asia in 1996, Surimi School Europe in 1999, Surimi Forum Japan in 2010, Surimi Forum Korea in 2014, and Surimi School China in 2014. Dr. Park has trained near 6,000 people through his 62 surimi school or surimi forum programs offered globally.


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Industrial Experience:

1992 – Present: Consultant to various sectors of the global seafood industry

1989 - 1992: Director of Technical Services, SeaFest/JAC Creative Foods (currently owned by Trident Seafoods, Motley, MN): Reported to the President of the company.  Primary objectives included the planning and execution of new product development and research, line extension, supervision of quality control and assurance, and technical assistance to marketing, sales, and operations.  Specific responsibilities included the establishment of all technical services and information for all products, direction of the entire new product development and line extensions from concept to commercialization, liaison contact between all government regulatory agencies, initiation and maintenance of total quality assurance program. Additional duties included supervision and administration of the Technical Department.

1987 - 1989: Manager of Research and Development, SeaFest/JAC Creative Foods (currently owned by Trident Seafoods, Motley, MN): Reported to the Director of Technical Services.  Specific responsibilities included planning and execution of surimi research, and preparation of all new product development. Primary achievements were the establishment of the least cost formulation and development of next generation surimi seafood.