Dr. Youn Ewan W. Ha ( ڻ)

Executive Food Technologist

Food Safety, Quality and Ingredients Consultant

SQF Food Safety Auditor – High Risk.

President of Functional Ingredients Research, LLC. Woodbury MN.

Quality and Technology Advisor ( ) of Grassland Dairy Products Inc.

(The largest butter manufacturer in the US).

SQF Certified Food Safety Auditor for the following Food Sector Categories

FSC: 10, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 22, 26, 31, 33 & 34

Woodbury, MN, USA


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Dr. Youn Ewan W. Ha is an executive food technologist in US Dairy and Ingredient Food Industry. Dr. Ha served as a Director of Research and Development Department of a multinational dairy ingredients company in 1996, Vice President of R&D and Quality of Dairy Ingredients (2008-2009) and Grain Ingredient (2009-2010) companies, both of them were subsidiary of Associated British Foods (which is a British multinational food processing and retailing company). As a technical consultant for U.S. Dairy Export Council, Dr. Ha visited several countries in Central and South American countries, Southeast Asian countries, China and Korea to give seminars and one-on-one consultations and publishing technical (mostly dairy and bakery) articles in local languages. Dr. Ha served as executive director of YMCA of Twin Falls ID in 2004 and Director of Kiwanis Club of Twin Fall, ID In 2005. Dr. Ha received the Kiwanis Member of the Year Award in 2007. Dr. Ha served as a volunteer technical consultant in several countries including Russia, Myanmar, Kirgizstan, El Salvador, Lebanon, Moldova, Liberia, Egypt, and Mali as a part of U.S. A.I.D./Farmer-to-Famer/Land-OLakes programs for ACDI VOCA, Winrock International, and CNFA. Dr. Ha received numerous volunteer awards including Presidents Awards from President George W. Bush (2006) and President Obama (2014).


Dr. Ha is the president of Functional Ingredients Research, LLC, Woodbury MN since 1997. Dr. Ha is also serving as a Quality and Technology Advisor (ӱ) of Grassland Dairy Products, Inc. since 2013, which is the largest butter manufacturer in the United States. Grassland is also manufacturing Buttermilk Powder, Permeate Powder, Skim milk Powder, and various Milk Protein Concentrates. Dr. Ha is also an expert in Global Food Safety Initiatives, HACCP & HARPC, GMP, SQF, FSSC, ISO and FDA Food Safety Management Act (generally known as FSMA).