In 2015-2016, Dr. Park evaluated the current program offerings and considered reorganizing his efforts to better serve the needs of the global surimi and surimi seafood industries. As he communicated with our global industry leaders, they reached consensus. Streamlining the various Surimi School and Forum programs that he has offered globally would more effectively serve our global industry and enhance communications within our industries. From the discussions, a Global Surimi Forum (GSF) was proposed. A steering committee (Doug Christensen, President of Arctic Storm Management Group; Torunn Helhjem, VP of Trident Seafoods; Rasmus Soerensen, VP of American Seafoods; Jae Park) has developed a framework for the GSF and unanimously voted Willem Appeldorn (Trident Seafood Europe) as the committee chair. Seven Executive Board Members [two representing each region (Asia, Europe, and North America) plus Jae Park] will work closely together to develop a new global program for our industry.


Board of Directors


Stay tuned for a new program, Global Surimi Forum rotating among Asia, Europe, and North America.  Currently under development.


Global Surimi Forum Asia (Feb 2018)

Global Surimi Forum Europe (2019)

Global Surimi Forum North America (2020)

Any Questions and Comments can be forwarded to Dr. Jae Park (Executive Director, Global Surimi Forum)