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The 4th Surimi Forum Japan has been delayed due to COVID and is scheduled in July - August 2022. Stay tuned.

Feel free to exchange your point of views with Prof. Park.


The 3rd


Wed-Thu, Feb 21-22, 2018








Sunroute Ariake Hotel

3-6-6 ARIAKE, KOTO-KU, TOKYO, 135-0063


Adding Values to Kamaboko

[after Japan celebrated the 900 years of kamaboko (1115-2015)]


with Simultaneous Translation (Japanese – English)


Organized by:

OSU Surimi School



Surimi Forum Japan Office


Sponsored by (2018)

Kibun Foods, Nichimo/Bibun, Lucky Union Foods, Future Seafood Asia, Ajinomoto, Takasago, Pacific Surimi, Lycored, Pacific Blends (Listed as Confirmed)




Do you still worry about the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (3/11/2011)?  Click this web site: Radiation Dose in Major Cities. Tokyo is extremely safe to travel.





At the first Surimi Forum Japan in 2010 and the second one in 2013, we tried to connect Japan and other countries under the name of our common word “surimi”. As Japan celebrated its 900 years long history of surimi and kamaboko (1115-2015), it is timely that we can revisit the 900 years of history and discuss a road map for the next 900 years. The role of Japan in the globalization of surimi and surimi seafood has been enormous. 

The discovery of sugar as a cryoprotectant was a step stone for frozen surimi manufacture in a global scope.  The US started making surimi from Alaska pollock with joint ventures with Japanese companies like Nissui and Maruha in mid 1980s. The invention of crabstick (kanikama) became a corner stone to introduce “surimi” and “surimi seafood” to various global markets.  These two successful outcomes certainly have globalized the surimi.  Today, as a leading country, Japan uses approximately 1/3 of all surimi produced in the world. At the first Surimi Forum Japan in 2010, we revisited those products and technologies, which were developed outside Japan during 35-yr after the invention of crabstick (kanikama)At the second Surimi Forum Japan in 2013, we covered “Sustainable Fisheries, Sustainable Surimi, and Sustainable Surimi Seafood” successfully.

We would also like to use this opportunity to demonstrate the world’s recognition and respect for Japan and Japanese surimi industry for their efforts in developing the wonderful products and helping the world enjoy various surimi products. In this third Surimi Forum Japan with the theme “Adding Values to Kamaboko”, we will cover global surimi productions and surimi seafood products, story telling – most successful surimi seafood products outside Japan, and various technical advancement to add values to kamaboko products.



Course Description

This 2-day course, which is scheduled to be offered every 3 years, is designed for operators, marketing/sales, surimi technologists, and executives who wish to update a pragmatic knowledge of surimi resources, global surimi supply/demand, market trends of surimi and surimi seafood, new technologies, and current issues/hot topics in the industry.  A panel, consisting of global leaders, will deliver the most updated market information on surimi and surimi seafood.  Surimi technology and products will also be reviewed by Japanese and global experts.  General outline and theme are renewed every 3 years based on suggestions made by the industry leaders.


Registration & Enrollment

Enrollment limits 120 attendees. Early registration is highly encouraged to secure your seat


Registration fee (Early registration by January 19: ¥40,000 plus tax for Japanese; US$400 (tax included) for foreigners; after January 19, it will be ¥43,000 plus tax for Japanese; US$450 (tax included) for foreigners) includes three coffee breaks, two lunches, and one dinner.  Program booklet is also provided. A refund for cancelation would be available by January 15, but a service fee (¥10,000 or $100) will be charged.  No refund is guaranteed for cancelation after January 19.


Contact to complete your registration (February 21-22, 2018):


Japanese: Contact Mr. Masahiro Kondo (Surimi Forum Japan Office) at mkondo@aviareps.com or calling 090-3618-9880 with your Name, Company, E-mail, and Telephone. An invoice will be e-mailed to you.  It can be sent using a postal mail per your preference.

Foreigner: Contact Dr. Jae Park at surimiman1@yahoo.com or surimiman1@gmail.com with your Name, Company, E-mail, and Telephone. An invoice will be e-mailed to you.



Hotel Sunroute Ariake is at the door of Tokyo Big Sight (International Convention Center). Please visit a local map around the venue hotel.

There are two stations within 3 min walking distance:

1)     Kokusai Tenjijo Station by Rinkai Line

2)     Kokusai Tenjijo Seimon Station by Yurikamome Line

Limousine Bus Service from Airports:

From Narita: 70 min (¥2,800)

From Haneda: 40 min (¥620)

For more information, visit here: more details.



You are responsible to book your room. Our venue hotel (Sunroute Ariake) does not give us a room block as it has given all rooms to commercial booking companies. Therefore, please use commercial booking sites (bookings.com, trivago.com, hotels.com, kayak.com, or any other e-booking sites) for your personal preference.


There are four hotels near the venue: Hotel Sunroute Ariake, Oakwood Hotel, Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel, and Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside.  Please visit a local map around the venue hotel.

At the 3-stop away on the Rinkai Line, Sunroute Shinagawa Seaside Hotel (Shinagawa Seaside Station) is also available.


If you have any question, feel free to contact Dr. Park at surimiman1@yahoo.com or surimiman1@gmail.com or contact Mr. Masahiro Kondo (近藤昌弘) (Surimi Forum Japan Office) at mkondo@aviareps.com or calling 090-3618-9880.




Day 1 (Wednesday, February 21, 2018)


08:30 – 10:00       Registration


10:00 – 10:20       Opening Remark

Mr. Kazuo Okubo (Nichimo/Bibun)


10:20 – 10:30       Welcome and Introduction

Dr. Jae Park (Professor, OSU Surimi School)


10:30 – 13:00       1- PANEL: Global market update and review - Surimi and Surimi Seafood affecting the Japanese Industry


10:30 – 12:40       Surimi Supply – covering countries affecting the surimi supply to “Japan” &

Market Demands in Japan


1a (10 min) US Surimi Production (Pollock and Pacific Whiting): Mr. Jostein Rortveit (Director, American Seafoods Japan)

1b (5 min) Japan Surimi Production (Pollock and Atka mackerel): Mr. Jiro Yokota (Manager, Surimi Section, Maruha Nichiro)

1c (15 min) Japan - Market Demands: Mr. Jiro Yokota (Manager, Surimi Section, Maruha Nichiro)

1d (10 min) Thailand Surimi Production: Mr. Anucha Technitisawad (CEO, Andaman Surimi Industries, Bangkok, Thailand)

1e (15 min) Surimi Production - Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan: Dr. Cheong-il Ji (EVP, Lucky Union Foods, Bangkok, Thailand)


11:25 – 11:45       Coffee/Tea Break


1f (15 min) Thailand & SE Asia - Market Demands: Dr. Cheong-il Ji (EVP, Lucky Union Foods, Bangkok, Thailand)

1g (45 min) Summary including Surimi Production in India, Vietnam and China: Dr. Pascal Guenneugues (CEO, Future Seafood Group)



12:45 – 13:05       2- Global Commodity Update

Mr. Cameron Wells (VP, Pacific Blending, Coquitlam, BC, Canada)


13:05 – 14: 00      Lunch


14:00 – 14:35       3- The 900 Years of Kamaboko (1115-2015) and the Next

Dr. Emiko Okazaki (Professor, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan)  


14:35 – 16:00       4- PANEL II: Story Telling – Surimi Seafood Marketed Successfully Outside Japan

4a- Angulas (Baby Eel) in Spain – Mr. Javier Canada (R&D Director, Angulas Aguinaga, Spain)

4b- Lobster Sensation in United States – Ms. Elise Carlson (R&D Manager, King & Prince Seafood, USA)

4c- Mini Fish Balls in France – Mr. Jean-Luc Beliveau (Former R&D Director, Alliance Ocean, France)

4d- Premium Fish Cake in S Korea – Dr. Jin Soo Kim (Professor, Gyeongsang National University, S Korea) & Dr. Jae Park (OSU Surimi School, USA)


16:00 – 16:40       Coffee/Tea Break

Product Cutting & Tasting


Angulas (Baby Eel) in Spain

Lobster Sensation in United States

Mini Fish Balls in France

Premium Fish Cake in S Korea


16:40 – 17:20       5- Adding Values to Surimi Seafood with Flavor Ideas

Ms. Venessa Zuccoli (Marketing and Consumer Insights Manager, Takasago Europe, Germany)


17:20 – 18:00       6- Adding Values to Surimi Seafood with Stable Colors from Plant Sources

Ms. Elaine Lee (Application Manager, Lycored, UK)

Mr. Thomas Adler (Global Head, Food Business, Lycored, UK)


18:0021:00       Reception & Gathering

Network/Social: 18:00 – 18:30

Sponsor’s Presentations: 18:30 – 19:10

– All about their Technologies, Products, and Services


Dinner: 19:10 – 21:00

Nichimo/Bibun (5 min)

Takasago (5 min)

Lucky Union Foods (5 min)

Pacific Surimi (5 min)

Future Seafoods (5 min)

Lycored (5 min)

Ajinomoto (5 min)

Pacific Blends (5 min)



Day 2 (Thursday, February 22, 2018)

09:00 – 09:45       7- Surimi and Fish Proteins with Superior Functionality

Prof. Kunihiko Konno (Dalian Polytech University, China; formerly Hokkaido University, Japan)


09:4510:30       8- Hot Topics in Tropical Surimi Research

Prof. Jirawat Yongsawatdigul (Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand)


10:30 – 10:50       Coffee/Tea Break


10:50 – 11:20       9- Maximizing the Value of Surimi

Prof. Jae Park (OSU Surimi School, USA)

Dr. Samanan Poowakanjana (GM, Masirah Golden Waves, Oman)


11:20 – 12:00       10- Nano Fish Bone as Texture and Nutrition Enhancer in Surimi Seafood

Prof. Jae Park (OSU Surimi School, USA)


12:00 – 12:30       Questions and Answers   

Certificate of Attendance Presentation


12:30 – 12:35       Adjourn


12:35 – 14:00       Lunch



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