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Prof. Jae Park’s Surimi School/Forum educating the people who lead the world of surimi since 1993.


We offer the global surimi and surimi seafood industry the most updated marketing, productsproduction technology, and research.  Through various global activities, over 6,500 people have been trained or educated as of February 2018.  As a founder of the program, I am delighted to offer most updated technical and market information in professional manners.

Dr. Jae W. Park (Founder/Director), surimiman1@yahoo.com


·        OSU Surimi School (USA)

Founded in 1993. It is offered in Astoria, OR, USA every year. 

·        Surimi School Asia

Founded jointly with Thai Dept of Fisheries in Bangkok  in 1996.  Dr. Poonsap Virulhakul (retired Director of Fisheries) helped significantly to establish this program.  Mr. Anucha Technitisawad (MD, Andaman Surimi Industries) also made a significant role in advancing the program further.

·        Surimi School Europe

Founded jointly with Activ Int'l and Paris Ag Tech (formerly ENSIA) in Paris in 1999. Mr. Robert Delin, Dr. Pascal Guenneugues, Mr. Jean-Luc Beliveau, and Dr. Jean-Marc Schiffermann made significant contributions to the establishment of this program covering Europe and Russia. AZTI (Spain) has also been a good collaborator.

·        Surimi Industry Forum (USA)

Unlike Surimi School where technical education is a priority, the first Surimi Industry Forum was founded to deliver a wide range of sales/marketing, technical, production, product development, and consumer trends immediately to our clients in 2001.  It plays also a very important role in offering an opportunity for network development.  A program is typically developed in 6 mo advance through a program development meeting attended by 30 industry leaders.

·        Surimi Forum Japan

The first Surimi Forum Japan was held in Tokyo on July 20-21, 2010 with the attendance of 125.  This program was established to connect Japan and the world under the name of our common language "surimi" and to celebrate the 35th anniversary of crabstick (kanikama; crab-flavored surimi seafood) in Japan.

·        Surimi Forum Japan (日本語)